1. Variety in Designs:  Embroidery is an art that consists of ornamentation by means of textile strands.  It is a decorative embroidery sewing work done on fabrics or other similar materials.  It is made with wefts through needles and using different types of color threads, varying stitches satin, cross or fill and thicknesses that will come to life on your embroidery machine.

2. The Creativity:  Embroidery digitization is the process of converting an image into a digital embroidery pattern that can be read by embroidery machines. The images are converted from a graphics format to a sewing format, which is transferred to the format of the automatic digital embroidery machine.  Our designers use this specialized digitalization technique to create the designs that meet their demands.  This is a creative process.  The digitizer should start with an analysis of the graphic image, to then develop the instructions that you have to give to the embroidery machine.  That is why our team has specialized in this technique.  Always looking to offer the best service.

3. Pricing:  First Design up to 5000 stitches flat rate of $10, will be determined after reviewing your logo you supply.  If you are looking to have a drawn image from a photo and then created into a stitched file please contact us for a custom quote.

4. Samples:

Photo used for drawing which is what was used to create the above digitized file.